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Welcome to! We have been a leading supplier of fine, 1st quality wallpapers since 1979. We supply thousands of different wallpaper patterns and borders, and have selected several for your online viewing. All sold at unbeatable low prices.



Wallpaper Discount prides itself on presenting the newest wallpaper with the largest discounts in the industry. Carrying a large number of the world's best wallpaper manufacturers allows us to bring you the greatest discount on wallpaper.


We carry thousands of brands, colors and styles of home wallpaper, wallcoverings, wall murals and wallpaper borders to choose from including Thibaut, York, Schumacher, Waverly, Chesapeake, Brewster, American/USA, Patton, Sanitas, Disney, Williamsburg, rustic, boys and girls/kids wallpaper, country, football, baseball, basketball, sports, grasscloth, nautical, striped, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, french toile, vinyl and tuscan wall coverings. For your convenience wallpaper and wall borders, we have them all at the best wholesale prices!


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Current Patterns:

  1. 963B61691



    SOLD PER 15 FOOT SPOOL. Product Information Book Name: Timeless Textures IV pattern #: 963B61691 Border height:4 1/2" page #: 119 Learn More
  2. AAi08002B



    THIS BORDER IS SOLD IN 5 YARD SPOOLS Border Name Harvest Bouquets Washable, PrePasted Border: Height 6.83 inches Repeat 24 inches Product Information Book Name: Angels and Ivy II pattern #: AAI08002B Border height:6 5/6" page #: 216 Learn More
  3. KZ4270B



    EACH SPOOL IS 15 FEET LONG (5 YARDS) York Cowboy Wrangling Border Pattern Number: KZ4270B Border length: 15 feet (5 yards) Learn More
  4. KH754B



    Classic Floral With Detailed Moldings Wallpaper Border KH754B SOLD PER 15 FOOT SPOOL Size: 10.25 in x 15 ft (26 cm x 4.57 m) Pattern repeat: 20.5 in (52 cm) The edge is: straight Retail price: $32.99 per roll Learn More
  5. 342B04962



    EACH SPOOL IS 15 FEET LONG (5 YARDS) Type: Border Pattern Number: 342B04962 Book Name: Miniatures For Kitchen ,Baths & Bedrooms Page Number: 9 Features Pre-Pasted Washable Material: Solid Vinyl Note: BORDER HEIGHT=3.375 INCHES Learn More
  6. SW29144



    All Rolls are priced for Single Rolls. But they are packaged and shipped in Double Rolls. Please order in quantities of multiples of 2. Example 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 and so on. When you order the quantity of 2 you will receive 1 double roll---- Coverage per double roll: 56.4 sf (10.9 yds x 20.7") 5.28m2 (10 m x 52.8 cm) Type: Wallpaper Pattern Number: SW29144 Book Name: Swoon Page Number: 84 Features Pre-Pasted Washable Peelable Material: Solid Vinyl Learn More
  7. 260B03821



    EACH SPOOL IS 15 FEET LONG (5 YARDS) View Pattern Detail Type: Border Pattern Number: 260B03821 Book Name: Small Florals & Miniatures Page Number: 149 Features Pre-Pasted Scrubbable Material: Solid Vinyl Note: BORDER HEIGHT = 4.125 INCHES Learn More
  8. AM81151B



    EACH SPOOL IS 15 FEET LONG (5 YARDS) Features: Prepasted, scrubbable, peelable solid vinyl border. Approximately 5m by 17.4cm. Pattern repeat 64cm. Made in the U.S.A. Learn More
  9. CG5664



    This wallpaper is priced in single rolls, packaged in double rolls. Coverage per double roll: 56.4 sf (10.9 yds x 20.7") 5.28m2 (10 m x 52.8 cm) Please order in quantities of multiples of 2. Example 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 and so on. So for every 2 single rolls you order, you will receive 1 Double roll (2 single rolls as 1 continuous uncut roll). Pattern Repeat 20.5 inches Straight Match, Width 27 inches Washable, Strippable, PrePasted Learn More